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Luxury Vacation Rental
Visual Marketing 


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Matthew Dahlberg

Professional Architectural Photographer and Videographer with a goal to showcase the beauty of Luxury vacation rentals around the world

My Recent Work

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The Offer Anchor


I am willing to shoot a professional video showcasing your beautiful property as well as provide professional images where needed. This content will be given to you with the option to use it anywhere you see fit. Such as your website, Instagram, Facebook and any marketing campaigns. I am willing to discuss any special requests you may have as well. 

For this one time deal, I’m willing to provide these services for only $500 with free accommodation for (4) nights. This fee will cover the licensing for music as well as a majority of the travel costs. 

Overview Of Services:

- Professional Video

- Professional Pictures


If this is something you may be interested in collaborating on, then please email me at with any questions or concerns.


Thank You Kindly,

- Matt

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